Cinema 4D 2024 new feautures

Maxon, one of the most esteemed names in the realm of 3D graphics, has recently introduced the new iteration of Cinema 4D, christened Cinema 4D 2024. This release has been met with exuberant enthusiasm from professionals, 3D graphic artists, and motion designers worldwide, owing to a series of substantial performance enhancements.

A standout feature of Cinema 4D 2024 is its overhauled rigid body simulation engine. Now, solid objects can interact realistically with all existing forces within the user-created virtual world. This means you can craft scenes involving intricate interactions between rigid bodies, physical forces, fabrics, and soft bodies, all with remarkable precision. This marks a significant stride for artists aiming to achieve realistic and intricate simulations in their projects.

Another feature that has generated substantial interest is the integration of particle simulations. The ability to emit smoke directly from particles and matrices introduces a fresh dimension of control and creativity. You can now manipulate fire in ways previously inconceivable, infusing a touch of realism and drama into your scenes.

But the innovations don’t stop there. Cinema 4D 2024 also introduces novel tools, such as the Vertex Normal Tools, significantly streamlining modeling workflows. Moreover, single-projection selection and modeling tools have been introduced, rendering the creative process even more seamless and efficient.

What’s New in Cinema 4D 2024 Full Feature Breakdown!

The software update for Cinema 4D doesn’t merely pertain to features but also encompasses performance. Users with systems equipped with more than 12 CPU threads will discern a substantial enhancement in software performance, translating to swifter rendering and heightened productivity.

Pyro now offers finer controls, enabling artists to artistically steer their simulations to align with their vision. By appending the Pyro tag to standard particle emitters, contemplating particle geometries and matrix cloners, you can now emit Pyro. The new Vertex Normal tools furnish unparalleled precision for crafting flawless surfaces.

The new unified simulation system has undergone optimization. Rigid body simulations now permit the addition of solid objects that interact with all existing forces, including smoke, fabrics, and soft bodies. Smoke can be emitted directly from particles and matrices, fashioning a fresh approach to playing with fire.

Cinema 4D 2024 incorporates novel tools for vertex normals and single-projection selection and modeling tools, simplifying your workflow further.

Red Giant 2024

  • Trapcode 2024 enables artists to craft realistic thermal dynamics, courtesy of the Particular Fluid Dynamics Simulation extension.
  • VFX 2024 introduces a new dimension in lighting control and incorporates numerous enhancements to the popular Real Lens Flares.
  • Magic Bullet 2024 renders color correction simpler than ever before, alongside a plethora of new presets granting designers greater creative freedom. Universe 2024, in turn, offers an array of fresh presets.

Redshift 3.5.18

Redshift 3.5.18 introduces various input image adjustment features to the MatCap shader. The Distorter shader now supports 3D distortion from Maxon Noise and 2D distortion for bump maps. Additionally, Redshift CPU performance on systems with more than 12 CPU threads has been improved.


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