Let’s start to rig a character in Maya, with this incredible tutorial by David Mattock (Animator Artist Life). David walks you through everything you need to get from installing the tool to completing a rigged character complete with full body and facial animation controls.

Character Rigging in Maya with Advanced Skeleton – Part 01. For Animators.

This series is made up of five rigging tutorial videos, keeping all errors and mistakes you may face so it is true and honest. It’s better to show how to overcome problems that may arise in production.

How to prepare a character 3D model for the rigging?

In this first video, we’ll go over prepping your character 3D model for the rigging, and cleaning it so it works through the process to avoid errors later.

Maya Rigging a Character with Advanced Skeleton (FREE TOOL) – Part 02 Joint Placement For Animators

Maya Character Rigging with Advanced Skeleton (FREE TOOL) – Part 03 Skinning For Animators

Facial Rigging in Maya with Advanced Skeleton – PART 04 – Face Rig

Advanced Skeleton Maya Character Rigging – PART 05 – Finalising the rig


Advanced Skeleton is an auto rigging tool for Autodesk Maya, that I have used professionally in my studio for many years. It produces high quality feature film character and creature rigs and can be used for animators that are not technical riggers.

Its FREE for non commercial use, and a reduced cost freelancer license for individual which is well worth the cost!

Download Advanced Skeleton

General overview of AdvancedSkeleton


How to download, install and use AdvancedSkeleton. Rigging body, and face, and exporting to GameEngine.

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