Character Modeling for Animation in Blender

Let’s start with this tutorial Part 1 on how to make a correct characters modeling ready for animation. The first tutorial of a series of lessons in Blender, released by Dikko showing the top 5 things, that make a great 3D character model suitable for animation.

The hot tips to make a 3D character good for animation!

TOP 5 Features of Good Character Modeling for Animation in Blender

Intro (00:00)
Number 5: Modeling with Intention in Blender (01:50)
Number 4: Modeling to Scale in Blender (04:20)
Number 3: Go with the flow! (08:00)
Number 2: Modeling for Compression and Elongation (15:35)
Number 1: Modeling with a Centre Line (20:00)
Bonus Tip! (29:10)

In the next video we will deep dive into the process with the ultimate goal – create an animated character from scratch!


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