Ok guys! you are ready? The time finally arrived, Cavalry the new app for Motion Design developed from Scene Group, is ready to download in public Beta.

We are so excited to play with this new tool 🤗 !

What is Cavalry?

Cavalry is a new software for Motion Design, Generative Art, Character Animation, Data Visualisation, FUI, Visual Effects and much more.

Cavalry is a brand new procedural application with ambitions to make waves in the worlds of animation, design, creative coding, film, generative art, data visualization, experiential and advertising.

The first impressions:

I started playing with this tool, I immediately felt at home, captured by its linear and comfortable interface. The app looks super-responsive easy to manage with powerful tools.
I believe that the world of motion design needs another point of view, and with Cavalry we’re on the right track.

Download Cavalry:

The Cavalry Public Beta release is free, and it’s available for macOS and Windows.
To download you need just join in on the beta on Scene Group link.

Download Cavalry Public Beta

Cavalry Features Galore: /cavalry-features-galore/

Cavalry getting started, tutorials & documentation: /Learning/


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