Cascadeur Release Version Product Demo

We are excited to announce that Cascadeur will be available for the latest release soon! It’s been almost three years of beta testing and more than 100,000 animators from 50 different countries have helped us make this tool better.

Let’s see this new release with this introductory video of the new and improved features.

Has animation never been so fun and easy! Cascadeur makes sure to help you with its animation tools that look like something out of a Pixar movie.

With its AI-assisted tools, you can execute keyframed poses quickly and immediately see the dynamic results on the character, maintaining full control of any movement, all while taking advantage of all the advanced editing tools for rigging.

Cascadeur is software for 3D keyframe animation of humanoids or any character you want to animate. Simply load your character, and proceed with the bone control setup, to start animating, no need to build a rig from scratch, know Blend Shapes or export the Character for external Rigging Toolkits.

Just edit the motion tween of the character’s arms and legs, and select motion paths, to create amazing animations ready to be used in your scenes.

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