Cascadeur physics based animation software

Hi Guys, today want to speak about Cascadeur an amazing tool for animation.
Cascadeur is a software for creating character animation without motion capture, using a physics-based approach, it allows for creating expressive and realistic animations for movies and video games.

Cascadeur is currently in beta.
You can sign up for beta testing on their website.


Cascadeur, is an amazing software for creating keyframe animations for characters humanoid and otherwise.

Make realistic animations from scratch or improve mocap, all while retaining full control over the results.
Work with Cascadeur is simple, and you can import and export animations and stand-alone models in widely popular FBX and Collada (DAE) formats.

The Rigging in Cascadeur

Rig is a set of components that make possible creating character animations. A rig is, in essence, a virtual 3d skeleton made up of controllers that enable – or simplify – working with character poses.

Every character in Cascadeur always includes a rig. An object without a rig can still be animated, but possibilities for animating it are much more limited. Also, physics tools such as Ballistic Trajectories can only be applied to rigged characters.
Also in Cascadeur, you can use the Physics tools, used to improve character animation by making it physically accurate, or for creating physics-based movements such as jumps.

For more information and Download Cascadeur
click to the website

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