Cascadeur 2022.2EA Feature Highlights

Hey, animators, don’t miss the new version of one of our favourite software Cascadeur 2022.2EA.
It has many improvements and we can call this version a release candidate for full release. AutoPosing has been improved in this version and now includes the character’s hip and neck in its pose predictions.
In the AutoPhysics module, the Secondary Motion tool has been reworked from scratch and now works much more stably than in the previous version (the previous version has also been greatly improved in terms of stability and control: it is now called Spring Secondary Animation).

Among many other improvements, the AutoPhysics tool now includes an option to maintain the global rotation of any body part.

Short feature highlights list:
– Support for weapons and twists in the Quick Rigging tool
– Cycles with offset added
– New interpolation option “Global Rotation”, additional to IK and FK.
– The Quick Rigging now offers default templates for the character creator
– Twist support for cases when twists are in the hierarchy (such as Daz3d Characters)
– Root constraint improved, added a new script for exporting with T-pose root

Cascadeur is a standalone software for creating keyframe animation of 3D characters, humanoid or otherwise, all while retaining full control over the results.
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Cascadeur 2022.2EA