Carl’s Jr ‘Robot’

Carl’s Jr ‘Robot’, is the new ad by the creative agency David & Goliath, based in California, in the ad a robot comes home from work after a hard day, and tries to enjoy his Carl’s Jr. chicken sandwich, sadly, without a mouth to eat, the robot repeatedly smashes food in the face in frantic rage.

Made by two visual effects houses: Eight VFX  for the digital work and Legacy Effects for the robot. VFX supervisor Fred Hopp and his Eight VFX team decided to use Enwaii to create a CG version of the robot. used the photogrammetry tool, which allowed them to replace the actor’s elbows, neck, stomach, legs and knees. They took several photos of the robot with a Canon 5D Mark II for photogrammetry character model and structure.

“The most impressive aspect is the technique of this project, in the accurate reconstruction of the robot, achieved through photogrammetry,” explains VFX supervisor Fred Hoppe.

Native integration of Enwaii into Maya enabled Eight VFX  visual effects artists to combine Enwaii-based image modeling tools with all other Maya tools. ”

Reconstruction of the Robot’s Foot in 3D

Reconstruction of the Robot Arm in 3D

Combining Enwaii’s image-based modeling toolkit with tools from Maya allowed artists to create objects, such as the robot’s hand.


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