Camera Projection in NUKE

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to use Camera Projection in Nuke, transforming a matte painting in Nuke using a camera projection technique, tutorial by Ludovic Iochem from

What is Camera Projection?

The technique called camera projection can transform a 2D matte painting into a 3D scene (2.5D technique), recreating through the camera movement the depth effect.

Camera Projection allows you to get a realistic result using matte painting, without having to build an entire scene on the set or recreating in 3D the scenes.

First, you’ll break out the layers of the painting, create rough geometry inside Nuke to match the forms or create different layer sections, and then project texture onto those forms to give them depth using the camera parallax movement to achieve the depth effect.

How to create a Camera Projection in NUKE ?

What really makes a matte painting come to life?

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add the matte painting and how to animate the camera, creating a special effects environment from the painting.

About Ludovic Iochem

Ludovic Iochem, he worked in the VFX Industry for 15 years.
He worked on Bourne, Bond, Terminator, Thor, Dredd, Total Recall, Exodus, Hellboy 2, Resident Evil, The Last AirBender and many more.
Former Matte Painter and Env Supervisor, now Head of CG at DNEG.


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