C4D Vray and Octane – 3D scene download

Very interesting 3D resource is useful for all 3d Artists who work with Cinema 4D and Vray and Octane.
Amscenes.com the sales portal of 3d models and scenes for C4D offers us another very interesting 3D scene free for download, a C4D scene complete with texture, lighting and 3d kitchen model object, ready to render your breakfasts.
We find several well-modeled 3D objects in the scene, the 3d model of the egg is very interesting, and the lighting and texture setups of VRAYforC4D.
For 3d users using Octane, they will find this very valuable resource to study and see how the camera and lighting were handled in the c4d scene, using one of Cinema 4D’s very popular and popular rendering engines for 3d artists of Cinema 4D Octane Render. .

Now you just have to download and start rendering!

Scene for Cinema 4D R12 to R18 Download Available in VrayforC4d and Octane Render

3D model and scene Download Available here

 C4D Vray and Octane - 3D scene download Breakfast Kitchen Vray Breakfast Kitchen Vray C4D Vray and Octane - 3D scene download (2)

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