C4D R17 Spline Tool

C4D R17 comes with a complete toolkit, C4D R17’s new Spline tool has been completely revamped, making it easier to create and edit splines.

Cinema 4D R17: Spline Tool

Dimitris Katsafouros shows us some of the new features of C4D R17, including some of the new presets found in the content browser, the color picker, and new improvements to the spline tool. C4D R17 is equipped with a complete tool kit thus avoiding the need to switch to an external tool to easily create splines.

Here is a preview of the innovations introduced in C4D R17

Cinema 4D R17: Color Chooser

A great new addition to Cinema 4D R17. A color chooser is a flexible tool that can adjust to your needs at any given moment!

Cinema 4D R17 Content Browser Preset: Shelving System

A peak into one of the many assets available in the content browser. This setup makes creating dressers, bookcases, cabinets and all sorts of shelving systems quite a breeze.

Cinema 4D R17 Content Browser Preset: Book Generator

A great addition to the multitude of assets in the content browser is the book generator preset. A really simple way to populate polygons with books!

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