C4D HDR Plugin – StreetView4D

The StreetView4D plugin allows you to create and insert HDR images into the 3d scene.

Very interesting plugin, which allows you to use the inexhaustible resource of Google Street in C4D.
StreetView4D allows you to use Street View to create HDR images to illuminate and use refractions in the scene within Cinema 4D. The plugin allows you to define a physical place by means of a URL directly within C4D, with a few clicks we can create an HDR for our 3d scenes in C4D.


The plugin is a useful tool that allows you to add an HDR platform that will help you control the IBL (image based light) in the scene. This looks like the ultimate convenience for creating custom HDR images, especially while you’re working.

The plugin is available for purchase at http://www.thegreatsummit.com/.


How to create 360 panoramic panoramic images from Google street view map.


google maps & streetview grabber_tutorial

For those wishing to work in 3D Studio Max and create 360 panoramas, I recommend following Jamie Cardoso in this very interesting article:



Using StreetView Grabber, Jamie shows us how to create panoramic images using Google Street View images.

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