C4D Abstract animation with Scene Nodes – Particles Distribution effect

Don’t miss this new tutorial released by Mikhail Sedov, a 3d artist and C4D guru. His videos are followed by the community, he is one of the most followed Cinema 4D artists online, and his resources and tutorials are always of the highest level.

C4D Abstract animation with Scene Nodes – Particles Distribution effect

In this new tutorial, Mikhail Sedov shows us how to create an organic particle effect, using C4D’s “Scene Nodes“! In this guide, we’ll explore how to use Cinema 4D’s Scene Nodes feature to create an eye-catching particle distribution across an object, resulting in an organic, abstract animation.

In the tutorial Mikhail used only Cinema 4D tools, using the very powerful Scene Nodes system updated in the latest version of Maxon’s product, taking complex particle animations to a very high level, without the use of external plugins like XParticles.

The Scene Manager offers a fast and creative workflow very similar to Cinema 4D’s Classic Object Manager, giving you the ability to integrate with Classic C4D objects by simply dragging and dropping them into the Scene Manager.

Scene Manager in Cinema 4D is an advanced nodal resource, to build procedural geometry, we have already seen this type of tool in Blender with geometric nodes, or the classic Houdini nodal system, most 3d software is moving towards the direction of the nodal system to manage complex scenes.

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