C4D 2024.4 Easy Make Particles Animation

The world of design and digital graphics has witnessed another revolution with the release of the new Cinema 4D 2024.4, which introduces an innovative and powerful particle system. In this brief overview, we will explore the features and functionalities of this new system, focusing particularly on two shading methods for particles in Redshift, as presented by 3DBonfire.

Finally! We have a new particle system in Cinema 4D 2024.4!

Finally, animation and graphics enthusiasts have at their disposal an advanced tool for creating particle effects in Cinema 4D. The core of this innovation is the “pyro advect” modifier, which allows particles to create in surprising and dynamic ways. This is just the beginning of a series of incredible effects that 3D artists can achieve with the new particle system.

  • Tutorial on advanced particle shading and rendering techniques in Cinema 4D 24.4.
  • Techniques involve using flow fields, surface attraction, flocking, turbulence, and friction for stunning effects.
  • Demonstrates various shading methods for particles, including thin smoke shader and color mapping.

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