C4D 2023 Cloth Engine tutorial to create Underwater Plants

One of the most powerful tools of Cinema 4D is undoubtedly its new Cloth Engine, which opens the way to many effects that can be created and simulated, in this tutorial we will see how to recreate the simulation of the movement of water on aquatic plants and algae in 3d animation, in this simulation, tutorial created and released by 3DBonfire (Markus Gonser).

How to animate Underwater Plants in 3d animation?

In this tutorial, we’re going to create, animate, and render an underwater scene by creating slow-moving, swaying plants on the seabed.

C4D 2023 Cloth Engine tutorial

Cloth Engine is a cloth simulation engine built into Cinema 4D that makes it possible to create realistic clothes, inanimate and animated cloth objects, and other effects made using cloth, such as billowing curtains, cloth fluttering in the wind, curtains swell, waving flags and so on, obviously it can also be used in many areas, as in this tutorial and in motion graphics scenes.
Its intuitive interface makes it easy to create realistic outfits in minutes.


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