BrickIt – Micro-Millenium Tutorial

This Demo is dedicated to give you an idea of the BrickIt feeling and how it’s working following the Micro-Millenium Tutorial. The Demo is limit to the 38 Bricks needed to build this model.

Download BrickIt Free Demo

This is the Free Demo of BrickIt Script, full version here.

BrickIt will allow you to build quickly and easily Lego models in Maya with the same feeling than in real-life!

BrickIt – Micro-Millenium Tutorial + Free Demo

BrickIt is only working on Maya 2018 and higher for Windows, MacOs and Linux.

You need to have at least Arnold Mtoa 3.1.1 (for aiRoundCorner node).


– BrickIt Demo Script

– Only 38 Bricks

– Tutorials

– Limited Materials

– No Update


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