Blender 2.9 New Features

Guys, Blender 2.9 is Ready! The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.90, in the new version we find a true advanced 3d sculpting workflow and a smarter hard surface modeling, improving the simulation of fluids and fabrics, VR, UV editing and more (Read the Blender 2.90 release notes).

Blender 2.9 – New Features


Motion blur in EEVEE has been completely rewritten from scratch, adding support for mesh deformation, hair, and sub-frame accumulation for better precision.

Pose Brush Transform Scale

In Blender 2.9 the set tool is improved the rotate twist, added two new deformation modes were added to the pose brush and improved the scale the mesh while preserving volume or a squash or stretch effect.

Blender 2.90 – Extrude Manifold

This smart new tool in Blender 2.90, automatically splits and removes adjacent faces when extruding inwards.

Blender’s render engines continue to evolve in Blender version 2.90, introducing a new sky model, plus support for warp motion blur in Eevee and denoising CPU views in Cycles.

Check Nishita, a physically-based texture built-in Cycles.
Also, you can download Nishita Sky Demo: HERE

Blender 2.9 – New Sky Model

See Blender Foundation’s overview of the new features in Blender 2.90

Download Blender 2.90
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