Autodesk rilascia 123D Creature

Autodesk has launched 123D Creature, the latest in the Ipad app family.
The tool allows users to sculpt and create 3D characters using a basic skeletal system, to color the models and export them for 3D printing.

You can start working with 123D Creature with a “basic skeleton creator” – which is not exactly the rigging of the character, even if the video above shows how the indications are manipulated with standard controls- through which users can set a pose basis.

The character can be sculpted with a multi-touch similar to the one used in the “sister” App, 123D Sculpt, and colored using the 123D Creature airbrush tools.
The finished character can then be viewed in the App’s rendering environment, which includes a range of customizable lights and preset filters and the option to import background photos.

The export options
This App features integration with Sculpteo’s 3D printing service, but you can use any type of 3D printer: the website, in fact, shows a model created in 123D Creature, then printed with MakerBot Replicator.


According to Autodesk: “Artists will be able to enhance their characters with other Autodesk software, including Maya and 3ds Max” – although we cannot yet find any information on the types of file formats that the app exports.


123D Sculpt is certainly aimed at all people who love to use tools such as Spore’s creature creator and all those who would like to have a 3D print of their creations.

It’s not a relatively expensive app.
The MSRP is $7.99, but fear not, the introductory price is currently $1.99.


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Per utilizzare l’app, avrete bisogno di un iPad con iOs 6.0 o un sistema superiore.



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