Arnold 5

Arnold 5 is faster than its predecessor, is designed to be easy to use, Arnold 5 represents an evolution in the rendering for artists around the world. In addition to the new features that we find in the new version, Arnold 5 also represents a significant step for a new software architecture, paving the way for major developments to come. With a significant upgrade to the Arnold core, the rendering is faster, new features have been included, and improved workflows with exciting new features.

Autodesk today announced that 3ds Max 2018 ships with Arnold 5, replacing mental ray.

Simpler C++ API

At the core of Arnold lies a powerful C++ application programming interface (or API) upon which users can build custom tools, whether they are shaders, geometry procedurals, or translator plugins for the main DCC tools.

Arnold 5 faster

Many subsystems in Arnold 5 have been optimized, resulting in significant speedups during both render start-up and ray-trace time. Large OpenVDB volume caches in particular can load up to 2x faster, specially on highly-threaded machines.

Easy to use

One of the main goals of Arnold 5 is ease of use. While the previous Arnold architecture has been tremendously successful for over five years, common workflows were identified that resulted in wasted time and effort. Arnold 5 simplifies some of these workflows.

New shader in Arnold 5

Arnold 5 ships with several new built-in shaders. These shaders are physically accurate and will allow artists to push the boundaries of realism with their renders. New Standard Surface, new Standard Hair, new Standard Volume, Utility shaders.

More information about Arnold check the official web site:

Arnold 5 is available now

Arnold 5 is available now as a standalone renderer, as well as a plugin for Maya (MtoA), 3ds Max (MAXtoA), Cinema4D (C4DtoA), Katana (KtoA), and soon Houdini (HtoA) and Softimage (SItoA).
Individual licenses can be purchased from Solid Angle’s web store. Free trials are also available for download.

We are excited to make Arnold 5 available to artists worldwide

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