AR_Scripts for Cinema 4D R25 and S26

Hi 3D Artist, today we are sharing these amazing free Python scripts for Maxon Cinema 4D released by @aturtur (Arttu Rautio).
Finally, Arttu has updated AR_Scripts for Cinema 4D R25 (and S26) and Python 3.9.1. These updated scripts can be found on Github.

All scripts should work with Windows and MacOS machines with C4D R25 and for the new version S26, the package consists of 91 scripts, with many actions (via keyboard modifier) and new scripts coming.

This script set is truly a great resource for 3d artists working in Cinema 4D, these scripts are designed to help with Cinema 4D workflow.
In the package, there are scripts that help to manage timeline keyframes more easily for example:
the script evenly distributes the selected keyframes, manages the selected tracks for time remapping. exports selected spline objects to Adobe Illustrator sequence. Lots of interesting functions like which places the object on the floor. replaces objects with the instance of the first selected object. converts selected objects to splines.
And many other scripts for managing alignment, managing objects and object selections.
Let’s download it and enjoy it!

Download AR_Scripts for C4D R25 & S26

How to use the scripts in Cinema 4D

These scripts are written for Maxon Cinema 4D R25.117 and Python 3.9.1. Scripts are tested using Microsoft Windows 11. All of the scripts should be compatible also with Mac OS. I’m not writing scripts anymore for older Cinema 4D versions.

Use these scripts at your own risk!


Download this repo and put AR_Scripts_#.##_R25 folder to the following path:


C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Maxon Cinema 4D RXX\library\scripts

Mac OS

/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D RXX/library/scripts

Another way to find a folder for installing scripts is to open C4D and open preferences (Ctrl+E / Cmd+E) and press the ‘Open Preferences Folder…’ -button and navigate to library > scripts.


Some of the scripts will make a txt-files in the aturtur folder under the C4D’s prefs folder to save the previous settings of the script. C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Maxon Cinema 4D RXX\prefs\aturtur If/when you want to uninstall AR_Scripts completely, remove that folder too.

Using scripts

When you have installed AR_Scripts you have to reboot Cinema 4D if it is already running. At start up Cinema 4D will scan and load all of the scripts. Scripts are located under Extensions -> User Scripts -> AR_Scripts_#.##_R25. Scripts can be used with the commander (Shift+C) too.

You run the script by clicking it. Some of the scripts have multiple functions and you can use those with key modifiers (Alt / Ctrl / Shift) and different combinations. Some of the scripts require a certain item selection or mode to be active. If you don’t know what the script does you can either open the script in the script editor and read the description or search for the info of the specific script on this page.

for more info check HERE


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