Apeiron Sci-Fi Short Movie

L’attesa è finita il promo di Apeiron è On line!!!
Per tutti gli appassionati di Sci-fi, Apeiron è da non perdere!!!
Apeiron è un prodotto in pieno stile sci-fi interamente “made in Italy”, scritto da Alice Del Corso e diretto da Filippo Morelli.

Apeiron è un incipit per un lungometraggio di cui è già pronta la sceneggiatura, con l’ambizione di dare al tutto un respiro internazionale, non a caso la lingua scelta è l’inglese (ma sono disponibili sottotitoli in italiano).
Anche Apeiron è sbarcato direttamente online, una scelta precisa che punta a sfruttare le potenzialità della rete. Apeiron è il frutto della passione e della tenacia di talenti italiani, che per esprimere il proprio potenziale e liberare il proprio talento sono costretti ad emigrare all’estero.
E dunque ecco Apeiron, fantascienza made in Italy alla conquista del cuore e del mercato internazionale.

Adesso tocca a te, Apeiron… ora devi volare alto come i nostri sogni.

Buona visione!

Apeiron_Sci-fi promo from Castle View Studio on Vimeo.



Apeiron is a science fiction project realized in Italy with a budget of 11 K.
Pre-production: 6 weeks
Shooting: 4 days
Post-production: 3 months
It was presented at the 68 Cannes Festival, and it was a great success. It is now looking for producers.
If you are interested, please contact us at:
Filippo Morelli: info@filippomorelli.it
Alice Del Corso: delcorsoalice@gmail.com
or: info@castleviewstudio.com
Here you can find the plot:
In 2050, Earth is destroyed by a nuclear war, which determined the death of 90% of human race. Thousands of people lived inside fallout shelters for years, waiting for another chance. One of them is Adele Stein. After seven years spent in a bunker, she is torn away from her family, and brought to one of the few continents still liveable: Antarctica. What is left of the world, of mankind, is governed by the Oculus. President Nix is in charge of the antarctic outpost, and he wants the rules to be respected, no matter what. When Adele threats the president, he will banish her from the Oculus base, directly in the middle of the frozen lands. Almost dead, Adele will be saved by the Resistance, controlled by the officer Matthias Miller. He will tell Adele the truth: they’ve been deceived. The plan was to reduce human population drastically, to start a mind control on all the survisors using a machine called Apeiron. Apeiron was developed by a scientist, Doctor Gregory Slate, who worked with his friend and business partner Scott Moore from 2016 to 2027. Dott. Slate told Scott that from the first time he was connected with the machine, he started to see someone in his mind. He said a young woman told him to destroy Apeiron before it was too late. When Gregory told Scott about it, Scott killed him and sold the project to a private society: The Oculus. But before he died, Slate left instructions to his daughter about how to build another machine with a frequency identification code. The Influencer’s frequency. Most of the people can only “fill” time. An Influencer can transcend it instead. People with this ability can control everything. The Influencer’s frequency, their vibration, is high and unique. Doctor Slate said the second machine would have been kept secret, until this woman would not have come. Adele has to find all the other Influencers, to protect them and to start, togheter with the resistance, the biggest rebellion ever planned.
Starring: Beatrice Gaia Gattai, Rocco Fasano, Benjamin Stender, Antonio Branchi
Directed by: Filippo Morelli
Story and Screenplay: Alice Del Corso
We used Black Magic Production Camera, with Canon Cinestyle Prime lenses.

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