Another Frame on auction on Rarible

The Producers of The Last Bite have decided to put on sale another frame ( #85600 ) from the art-house feature film “The Last Bite” as NFT.
This time around the Frame shows actress Shun Yin distorted by a surreal glitch.

Now you can get a frame from The Last Bite movie in NFT here➡️ Once the frames of the film have been purchased, the authors will eliminate those frames and replace them with a black frame.

As usual, the Producers promise to remove the frame and replace it with a black frame as soon as the auction ends. The highest bidder will then own the Frame in high-res and a digital version of the feature film ( with the frame removed ).

The film is about Carlos, a troubled artist living in London, who one day meets Veronica, an otherworldly woman who will change his way of seeing reality. The director and the authors decide to take advantage of this new NFT technology to create a unique and involutionary work of art, where the growth of black frames in the film’s scenes will lead to the total absence of the film.

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