Training or a game session? Here’s what’s best!

In recent times, the world of video games and that of fitness are having an increasingly important link. Despite everything, having fun with video games and staying in perfect physical shape doesn’t seem like two activities that have so much in common.

Instead, even if many people are convinced that technology leads to a greater sedentary lifestyle, the research carried out by the blog of the online casino Betway has highlighted a very interesting aspect.

On the blog L’insider, therefore, there was space for an experiment that involved 17 gamers, who had to test themselves with the seven most famous video games of the moment. Well, the goal was to better understand how the mechanism of energy expenditure works during these activities.

From this study, it emerged that even those titles that allow you to burn fewer calories, are able in any case to guarantee a certain movement. In these cases, such as with Minecraft, they are perfect video games to slow down the heartbeat.

Fortnite ranks first as calories burned

There is a title that has burned more calories than any other, according to this interesting research. We are referring to Fortnite, a well-known game, which also organizes wonderful challenges and tournaments entirely online. Well, from the data of this study, playing a game session of at least 90 minutes, involves burning calories on average up to a maximum threshold of 538.

In second place is a typically sporting title. We are referring to FIFA, which involves a considerable energy expenditure, given that an average of 189 calories were burned. Right behind the well-known football simulation title, here’s another super title like Call of Duty Warzone. Also in this case, it is a title that leads to consume a considerable dosage of calories, given that we are around a value of 188 for a 90-minute gaming session.

Off the podium we find, in order, Apex Legends, with 180 calories burned, Elden Ring, with 177 calories burned, Minecraft, with 172 calories that have been burned and, finally, here is Grand Theft Auto V. think, even 164 calories burned in a 90-minute game session is an important data, since it can be considered an excellent title for a good light workout.

How many squats does a game session correspond to

The research that found space on the blog The insider wanted to deepen the topic even more. In a nutshell, he challenged the 17 gamers who took part in the experiment to measure their heart rate during a training session. The latter was formed by abdominals, pushups and squats.

Well, from the data obtained, it turned out that it should be necessary to perform about 353 squats or, if you prefer, 162 push-ups or 239 abdominals to burn a number of calories at least equal to that linked to 90 minutes of play with Fortnite.

This is the highest figure of all, given that FIFA is in second place. In this case, in order to equal the 189 calories burned in an hour and a half, 158 push-ups, 343 repetitions of squats, or 232 abdominals would be required. That’s not all, since a 90-minute game session with Fortnite also has another effect, this time perhaps a little less pleasant. On average, gamers who have tried their hand at 90 minutes with Fortnite, have seen an increase in beats equal to 89 per minute.

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