After Effects Expressions for Motion Design

Let’s improve our animation in After Effects with these 4 easy expressions to improve any animation in After Effects. It is usually thought that using expressions in animation in After Effects is an action reserved only for people with advanced knowledge, for the pros of motion design. In this video tutorial instead, we will see how using expressions is a very simple and fast method, suitable for all those who have basic or high knowledge.

In this video, Ben Marriott shares four simple expression tips to elevate animation in After Effects.

How to improve animation with script and expressions?

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Chat about Ben’s new course
03:17 Overview
04:27 Use Time to create a boil
07:15 Add camera shake with Wiggle
09:30 Enhance animations with the Pick-Whip
12:29 Use Index like a repeater
14:59 Outro

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