After Effects 2023 New Features

After Effects is the reference software for every motion designer, its main strength is to have the support of a very wide choice of plugins.
But for years After Effects users have been waiting for some of the changes that have always been requested by Adobe to be developed, in this new version it seems that some of the requests of the community have been followed, such as the possibility of using a mask for multiple layers, without duplicating and duplicating.

New features in After Effects 2023 in details

    1. Composition Presets
      The Composition Presets list has been overhauled to make it easier to find the more commonly used presets. The presets also include sizes for social media output.
    2. Animation Presets
      Refreshed Presets, Get over 50 new animations presets created by our After Effects community. Designed for modern motion design workflows, these preset save you time on the techniques you use most, so you don’t have to start from scratch or can create quick animations. Plus, the composition presets now include sizes for social media output.
    3. Selectable Track Matte Layers
      Choose any layer as a track matte using a new drop-down menu in the Modes column. Position the matte layer anywhere in the timeline stack and reuse it multiple times for multiple other layers.
      Make your compositions simpler and more flexible by using any layer as a track matte using the new Track Matte drop-down menu in the Timeline panel.
      Now, you don’t have to position the matte above the target layer. Use any layer in your composition, no matter where it sits in the layer stack as a Track Matte source for any other layer. You can even have multiple layers all reference a single layer for their matte.
      You can also use the matte layer’s Alpha or Luma channels and invert them if necessary.
    4. Native H.264 Encoding
      Export your projects quickly with hardware-accelerated output and direct rendering of H.264 files from within the Render Queue, eliminating the need to export exclusively with Adobe Media Encoder.
      With H.264 as an option in the Output Module Settings, you can encode H.264 directly from the After Effects Render Queue.
      This integration uses the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) UI along with AME’s backend encoding system, all without leaving After Effects.
      H.264 export also supports both Hardware and Software Encoding modes. The same accelerated export you have in AME and Premiere Pro is now available for H.264 export in After Effects.
    5. Interpret Footage Log Colorspace
      Log color spaces in Interpret Footage
      Show Sony, Canon, and Panasonic Log transfer function and gamut in color space override in Interpret Footage dialog.

After Effects 2023 New Features

In this video, we’ll go over some of the top new features in After Effects 2023, Adobe just rolled out their 2023 Creative Cloud applications and there are a lot of new features inside this year’s version of After Effects. A few include colorizing keyframes, including new composition presets, newly designed track matte layer controls, and the return of exporting h.264 mp4 files natively out of After Effects, keyframe labels, and new animation preset and the native 3D objects!

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