Afro Hairstyle C4D Tutorial

Hi guys, don’t miss the new tutorial, how to recreate the afro hairstyle in your 3d character in C4D, this tutorial is shared by New Plastic.

How to create the afro hairstyle in C4D?

In this C4D tutorial, we’ll learn how to achieve realistic afro-textured hair in 3D. There are very few resources on how to achieve this type of hairstyle with C4D’s Hair Object, so hopefully, this tutorial will serve everyone out there looking for answers after all these years.

The first part of the tutorial is a general overview of what you should focus on when trying to achieve this type of hair. The second part will go over some real examples and touch on styling a little bit.

Afro Hairstyle C4D Tutorial

00:00​ – Intro
00:23​ – Overview of the Pack
01:28​ – A Few Simple Hair Terms
02:09​ – Complaining about C4D’s Hair Module
03:19​ – Setting Up Hair
05:11​ – Octane’s Hair Material
06:43​ – Hair Thickness
07:23​ – Frizz
08:40​ – Kink
09:35​ – Tighten
10:20​ – Curl (Not Meant for Curls)
10:50​ – Twist (Also Not for Curls)
11:15​ – Wave
12:44​ – Clump
16:00​ – Painting Hair-Line on Human Head
19:35​ – Styling a Tapered Afro
24:28​ – Styling a Round Afro
30:36​ – Outro

Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorials where we’ll go over specific styling techniques. Octane is not needed for this tutorial, you can use any rendering engine you want!

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