Hey, animator, don’t miss pretty Lou rig, AdvancedSkeleton rigging system. Model by Dmitry Danilov and Rig by Boris Klimov.

You can use it in any non-commercial projects. Feel free to modify rig, model and textures as you wish.

 Character Advanced Skeleton Rigging System Free download

To do list:
– speed up the rig (now it is slow)
– add a few more blendshapes
– make it possible to hide the polygons of the body under the cloth
– make a picker
– integrate this rig into official AdvancedSkeleton installer

Tips and Tricks:
– FKHead_M holds additional face controllers attributes that are hidden by default
– Main root controller holds Bend controllers vis. attribute

If you have any questions and suggestions please mail the autors: klimov@november17.art

Character Rig Free download

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