Advanced Skeleton Rigging System Free download

Hey, animator, don’t miss pretty Lou rig, AdvancedSkeleton rigging system. Model by Dmitry Danilov and Rig by Boris Klimov.

You can use it in any non-commercial projects. Feel free to modify rig, model and textures as you wish.

 Character Advanced Skeleton Rigging System Free download

To do list:
– speed up the rig (now it is slow)
– add a few more blendshapes
– make it possible to hide the polygons of the body under the cloth
– make a picker
– integrate this rig into official AdvancedSkeleton installer

Tips and Tricks:
– FKHead_M holds additional face controllers attributes that are hidden by default
– Main root controller holds Bend controllers vis. attribute

If you have any questions and suggestions please mail the autors:

Character Rig Free download

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