Is Adobe About to Buy The Foundry?

Adobe has made an offer of £ 200m to purchase well-known British visual effects developer The Foundry. The American software giant Adobe, creator of Photoshop and After Effects, have made an offer of 200m pounds for The Foundry, the parent company of Nuke, Mari, and Modo. The Carlyle Group, who own The Foundry, put The Foundry up for sale late last year, and there has been a lot of speculation since then as to who would take the package home.


We will see what will happen, remember that The Foundry in recent years has established itself on the market as the only real competitor of Autodesk, pushing for an evolution both from an artistic and technological point of view, applying a strategy focused on the needs of the consumer / artist, who only to the pure business of sales.
We hope that the same marketing strategy process will not be repeated with Avid Softimage, the only competitor program in Maya, where it was first purchased by Autodesk and then gradually reduced development, until the last 2015 release. This would lead to a new stagnation. of software evolutions, for now we will see.

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