Abstract wire animation in Houdini

Don’t miss this cool tutorial, how to make an abstract wire animation scene in Houdini, a resource shared by Nick Medukha. In the tutorial, he shows us how Houdini’s nodes make a complex animation of filaments for motion design.

How to make an abstract wire animation scene in Houdini?

The video is very interesting, it shows us how to create a very suggestive motion design effect using the Octane render in Houdini, with the hair object render set-up.

Abstract Walking Wire – Quick Beginner Houdini Tutorial + Project File

In this Houdini tutorial, you will learn how to create a stunning abstract motion design piece which will be a great part of your showreel. We will be setting up an Octane Render‘s hair renderer to efficiently render wires.

Also, the author gives the possibility to download the project file, with the cost of a donation
Houdini Walking Wire Abstract .hip file: https://gumroad.com/l/walking-wire-abstracts

Houdini Octane Render Setup Template: https://gumroad.com/l/ryAhe


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