3D Steampunk vehicle contest

The new contest for 3D artists is just a few days away, and it’s not to be missed. For this new contest, we at 3DArt are part of the jury that will judge the best work.
We invite all 3D artists to participate in the “Steampunk: New History” contest promoted by 3dmodels.org, where you can showcase your creativity and skills in modeling and rendering steampunk-inspired objects.

Deadline for entries is June 5th.
Contest Registration: /steampunk-new-history/

The challenge of this contest is to create a 3D model of a steampunk vehicle, mechanical device, gadget, or invention, and place it in a captivating 3D environment to create an extraordinary rendering. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique piece that captures the essence of the steampunk genre, combining Victorian-era aesthetics with steam-powered machinery and retro-futuristic designs.

Read the complete contest rules here.

Focus on creating intricate details, realistic textures, and complex mechanisms that bring your object to life. Consider how your creation would function in a steampunk world and how it fits into the broader narrative of this alternative history. Besides the visual appeal of your work, we will pay great attention to the originality of your concept, the quality of your 3D modeling, and the overall presentation of your scene. We are looking for renders that not only showcase your technical skills but also tell a compelling story and immerse the viewer in the steampunk universe you have created.

Deadline for entries is June 5th.
Get ready to transport us to a world where the power of steam, clockwork, and innovation reign supreme.
Happy modeling!

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