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Hi Guys, don’t miss this incredible 3D Scan Louise’s 3D Head Model, released by Elisko.
Elisko is an award-winning company specialised in Digital Doubles, was founded in Paris in 2010 by two CGI veterans, with an original focus on high-quality VFX work for feature films.

How do we create our Digital Humans?

Here’s a breakdown of Virtual model Louise, which you can download for free on both offline and real-time environments. Take a peek at the 3D scanning and rendering process, including HD Geometry and detailed PBR Textures!

Meet Louise Virtual Model!

With Louise you can see the quality of digital human beings made by Eisko. She is a sample Animatable 3D Human Model who is representative of the quality of their deliveries. To watch her in action, download her 3D Head Model for free

Free Facial Rig of Louise, a Digital Human by Eisko

HD Geometry
Louise’s mesh is made of 20 million polygons, displaying a fine level of detail suitable for any high-end production.

PBR Textures
Louise comes with 4K PBR Textures: Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Displacement, Gloss, and Roughness maps. More are available on request.

Facial Rig
Louise comes with a FACS Rig and benefits from our Maya Rigging expertise, with a complete set of 236 blend-shapes for lifelike animations.

Real-Time Version
The Real-Time version available down below can be either used for PBR Rendering in Marmoset, or through the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D.

Offline Version
The Offline Version contains additional elements for pre-calculated rendering, targeting VFX professionals seeking a high-end Virtual Model.

Free 3D Head Model
Anyone is free to download Louise’s 3D Head Model for testing and evaluation purposes. Please contact us if you are interested in using Louise in a project.

Download Louise’s 3D Head Model



Eisko is an award-winning company specialized in Digital Doubles
web site and info: www.eisko.com

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