3D model Crimson Desert – Free Package

Hi Guys, we have some exciting 3D Free pack shared by Thunder Cloud (3D animation and game art outsourcing). You can download free 3D model in FBX and UE4 Assets complete of Texture maps and PBR Texture maps.

Crimson Desert Landscape – Free Lite Package

The free lite package of Crimson Desert Landscape consists of 8 samples of modular pieces, all stylized game ready meshes and materials. If you wanted more assets, check out the Full Package of Crimson Desert Landscape Here!

The pack also includes a layered Landscape Material for your terrain customization The package also includes demo level designed to show all the contents and assets. The entire package is built with full PBR stylized direction, so if you are aiming at a certain PBR stylized approach such as Overwatch or Fortnite then this is the package for you!

You will get 2 files


  • 8 modular assets in FBX
  • FULL PBR Texture maps in TGA with a minimum size of texture 2048 x 2048


  • 8 stylized assets with full PBR maps
  • sample Landscape and Stylized shaders
  • Demo Bonsai small scenes with full lighting

Download 3D model – Free Lite Package – (252 MB)



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