Create a Black Hole in C4D and Arnold

3DArtist, ammettiamolo chi non vorrebbe creare i buchi neri nelle nostre scene sci-fi. I buchi neri sono tornari in voga soprattutto dopo il Gargantua di Interstellar.

How to Make a 3D Black Hole in Cinema 4D?

In questo tutorial realizato da Daniel Danielsson, vedremo come realizzare un bucho nero in 3d utilizzando Cinema 4D e Arnold Render, ovviamente non sará il bucho nero realizzato da Dneg super dettagliato e scentificamente matematicamente realizzato per Interstellar, pero’ possiamo ritenerci soddisfatti lo stesso.

Utilizzando il rendering in Arnold è apparentemente semplice da fare in Cinema 4D. Un paio di sfere e un’insana variabile Index of Refraction setup. Enjoy it!

Make a Black Hole – Part 1 (Gravitational Lensing & Event Horizon)

How to Make a 3D Black Hole in Cinema 4D:

00:00​ – Intro
00:26​ – Making spheres (wow, I know)
00:50​ – Gravitational Lensing Shader
01:23​ – Variable IOR shader
03:27​ – Setting up an Arnold tag to bend the light right
03:46​ – Admiring our work
04:16​ – Commercial Break
04:46​ – Zippydoos

A Black Hole is nothing without a glowing disk of gas and other goodies. It is our supermassive solemn duty to make one using C4D, Turbulence FD, and rendering it in Arnold.

Make a Black Hole – Part 2 (Accretion Disc)

How to simulate a Black Hole Accretion Disk in Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD:

00:00​ – Intro
00:18​ – Start with a Disc
00:42​ – Displace the Disc
01:12​ – Spin & scale dat shit to swirl the sim
02:12​ – Setting up the Turbulence FD Container & Emitter
03:32​ – How to simulate a flaming pineapple slice in C4D
03:59​ – Tweaking Vorticity in TFD to add scale to fluid simulations
04:30​ – Setting up Texture Emission based on Animated Noise in Turbulence FD
07:04​ – Adding a UV map (because otherwise, it doesn’t work)
07:35​ – Setting up shading for the Accretion Disc
07:49​ – How to time-freeze fluid simulations in Turbulence FD
08:31​ – Placing the accretion disc around the black hole
08:59​ – Cloning the TFD sim to beef it up a bit
09:35​ – Shading the Photon Sphere / Photon Ring
10:44​ – Animating the accretion disk
11:00​ – Have a supermassive discount off the Motion Design Course Process of Motion.
11:32​ – Final bye-bye

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