What’s New in Blender 3.1

Blenderians, let’s see the new version of Blender 3.1.
In the last version, we find the new features that provide performance and speed, now Blender uses multi-threading, the precision of the NURBS has been improved in the mesh, the normals have been recalculated, the subdivision surface and the modifier now benefits from GPU acceleration, improving speed up to 10 times.

Cycles now support metal GPU for all apple users currently this version is only for apple silicon and AMD graphics cards, resource browser libraries are now indexed to load faster.

What are the new features in Blender 3.1?

  • Metal GPU backend support contributed by Apple for computers with M1 processors and AMD graphics cards
  • GPU acceleration for Subdivision modifier
  • Faster mesh editing
  • Asset Browser indexing
  • Image Editor support for large images
  • Improved speed of .obj and .fbx export
  • Better multi-threading, node tree evaluation, and reduced memory usage in Geometry Nodes

In this new version, we find really many new features and incredible performance implementation.
Download Blender 3.1

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