Vroid to Mixamo Character Animation Tutorial

Hi guys welcome to the new tutorial, today we will go through Vroid Studio, a free software, easy and super powerful to create character manga style, perfect for your anime studio or concept art. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Mixamo to animate the Vroid character, following simple steps.

How to use Mixamo to animate the Vroid character?


VRoid by Pixiv is based on the philosophy of “creating a place where creativity can be more enjoyable” and aims to realize a world in which everyone can engage the creation and enjoy creation. The VRoid project aims to deliver to many people an environment where they can have their own 3D characters and enjoy the creation of works using characters and communication in VR / AR spaces.

3DCG, which was once handled only by movie production studios, is now used for the production of familiar content such as animation and games for smartphones.

As the demand for creators who can handle 3D increases, the supply has not been caught up. In the future, with the spread of VR / AR, 3D works will become even more familiar, and the demand for 3D creators is expected to increase.

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