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Let’s take a look at the first features of VRay RT for C4D.

Stefan Laub shows us a quick preview of CPU Path Tracing with VRAYforC4D RT.

VRAYforC4D seems to be revealing the processed time or “RT” features of V-Ray for use within C4D.
VRay for C4D with the new RT feature, we have the ability to have the V-Ray interactive renderer for shading, lighting and filters within C4D viewports.

VRAYforC4D has recently been updated to version 1.8, which incorporates some great new features of the V-Ray core. The integration of V-Ray RT to the development roadmap of VRAYforC4D means that there will be a new update to v2.0, for now we just have to wait for the new release VRAYforC4D.

VRay RT for C4D

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