Venom modeling timelapse in Blender

Hey Blenderians, today we share this incredible sculpting and texturing work on the Venom character in 3d, made in Blender, by 3D Artist Marco Villa.

In the released video, the timelapse of his work in Blender is shown, starting the modeling from a sphere, where Marco applied a 4-level Subdivision Surface, then moving into sculping mode and using the grab he began to give it shape to the final modeling.

After masking the mesh to form the mouth using the 0.01 remesha, started by creating the volumes and then adding the filament details by activating Dyntopo in Blender, Dynamic topology (also known as dyntopo) is a dynamic mesh sculpting method, accessible from :

Mode Sculpt Mode  Panel 
Sidebar ‣ Tool ‣ Dyntopo or using the Shortcut Ctrl-D.

I generally use constant detail which I think is more manageable to choose which details to arrive at,
for the filaments of the cheeks I simply used the booleans and corrected the joints and always form with the Dyntype

For the creation of the filaments of burr he used solid volumes and with the material he managed the transparencies, the voronoi texture manages the transparencies as Fac in the shader mix and also using it for displacement to give more thickness between the transparent and non-transparent part.

The Author
Marco Villa is a 3D Artist, who started drawing in 3d at university with 3dmax, then he dedicated himself to working on photography and video, and a couple of years ago he discovered Blender and started modeling again in 3d.

For more info and follow Marco Villa below the various portfolio and social links:

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