Vellum Hair Organic Wireframe in Houdini – C4D Tutorial

Hi guys, here another cool tutorial, how to use vellum, released from Nick Medukha. Today we will learn how to work with vellum simulation inside Houdini.

Vellum uses a Position-Based Dynamics approach to cloth, hair, grains, and softbody objects in Houdini.

In the tutorial ee will create abstract wireframes in Houdini, and will see how to export in Cinema 4D, to render using Octane Render, after that we will add some post effects in Photoshop. Enjoy it!

Vellum Hair Organic Wireframe in Houdini – C4D Tutorial

Vellum nodes

There are several Vellum SOPs available in the tab menu. Many put down a Vellum Constraints node with a different Constraint Typeset and specific parameters exposed for the constraint type. here more information: /vellum/overview/

  • Vellum Constraints nodes:
  • Vellum Attach to Geometry
  • Vellum Configure Balloon
  • Vellum Configure Cloth
  • Vellum Configure Hair
  • Vellum Configure Strut Softbody]
  • Vellum Configure Tetrahedral Softbody
  • Vellum Glue
  • Vellum Stitch Points
  • Vellum Struts
  • Vellum Weld Points
  • Other Vellum SOPs:
  • Vellum Configure Grain
  • Vellum Solver
  • Vellum Drape
  • Vellum Rest Blend
  • Vellum Pack
  • Vellum Unpack
  • Vellum I/O
  • Vellum Post-Process



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