Top 10 Video Editing Tools For Small Business

With the advent of time, the types and nature of contents are also advancing. The text and audio forms of content have definitely been significant for years. However, audio-visuals have turned out to be highly popular among modern minds today! Experts say that the trend of video marketing is here to stay. In fact, it is the future of content marketing. The foremost reason behind this is audio-visuals let you capitalize on several sensors at the same time. 

Viewers can watch, read and listen all at the same time, which creates a more profound impact on the psyche. Hence, many businesses are using this as a strategy to promote and grow their brand on a higher level. This piece will enlighten you about a range of helpful video editors that can work wonders for your small businesses. You can use this guide to pick the online video editor that suits your business needs.

1. Premier

Premier has a highly organized interface and is perfect for editing quality videos. However, you will need to give some time to this software to learn about its features. It is both used by learners and the professional media editing industry. You can use it for both long-form and short-form videos. Hence, this makes this tool really flexible for most users. But make sure you and editors get accustomed to using it in the right way to bring the best to your business!

2. Pinnacle Studio

If you want professional videos for your small business, you can consider this application. It is a full-fledged editing tool available for PC/windows. You will be able to import the existing media or have live footage via multicam or screen recording. It is a flexible video editing application with many effects, correction tools, and inbuilt filters for creating high definition professional videos.

3. InVideo

InVideo is another option that you can undoubtedly add to our list. It is reputed in the contemporary business world due to its easy and user-friendly features. It has over five thousand pre-existing templates that you can use instantly. It can create high-converting videos that are perfect for quick promotional videos. Also, small businesses can keep a leash on their budget as they can easily export up to 60 videos each month which is a generous number. Try it today!

4. Videoshop

If you do not have much knowledge or skill about editing, you can go with the tool. Its interface and editing procedure are super simple and pleasing to the eyes. You can shoot your clips directly with this application and also import the same. It offers a chance for manual editing other than automated editing. It has contemporary transitions and effects that can make your video social media-friendly!

5. Avidemux

This software is easily accessible online and would not take up much of your device space. It is entirely free and is perfect for beginners. Also, the linear editing tool is available on several platforms and also offers options in many formats. You can encode your videos with utter ease as it has an intuitive-based interface. You can also explore and play with the latest processing features.

6. Animoto

This is an advanced video editing tool that is gaining rapid popularity today. It has specially designed features that will only make your work quicker and convenient. You can import all your media files at once and convert them into a high-quality clip. Then the tool allows you to tweak and customize your video just as you need. Go for the 14 days trial option to get a taste of it!

7. Nutshell camera

This is a unique editing tool for iOS. It is significantly used by small businesses today for next-level marketing purposes. The Nutshell camera produces clips in just four easy steps. You can add exciting effects, stickers, texts, and backgrounds to your clips. This tool is perfect for simple and short intro videos or stories for promotional purposes.

8. Filmora 9

You must have come across this application as it is prevalent nowadays. It is an advanced and easy video editor combined with specific features. It is highly compatible with the 4K files and supports most file formats. The audio quality turns out good in this as it uses keyframing with an audio equalizer. It is quite a package!

9. Wistia

It is one of the most interactive video-making tools and is getting the attention of newbies! It offers an excellent interface and a range of features that can empower your small business advertising efforts. Customizable templates, easy interface, exporting in high quality are some of the easy yet effective features that make it perfect for small business promotions. Over 375000 businesses, both small and large, have seen a lot of growth in their business after using Wistia for making and editing their videos.

10. iMovie

This tool has terrific reviews, feedback, and responses from users. If you are a Mac user, this is your place to start! It has flexible and balanced features like 4k resolution support, creating trailers with special tools, and transferring data quickly to another device! What you have to do is simply select the video clips, followed by the addition of different effects, titles, as well as music and you, are good to go! It comes with about 13 creative filters for videos along with 80 smart and excellent soundtracks. Explore it now.

The Bottom Line

However, said and done, the quality of your video content will matter. It will have a significant impact on your business prospects and reputation. And editing shall determine a considerable part of the quality of your video content. So make sure that you pick the right editing tools to create the best quality videos.

Most of the above-listed tools have advanced features that you can use to produce highly polished and professional-looking videos. These tools are quick, easy to use, and professional at the same time, which makes them perfect for small business promotions and branding. It is also a smart way to save on hefty charging professional services. 

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