The Foundry releases Nuke Studio Free for the non-commercial version

Yesterday at The Foundry event in London at the VUE in Leicester Square, we were also present from the editorial staff of 3DArt and some members of VisualForumX in the front row, for the launch of the new products by The Foundry.

Emanuele Serra 3DArt con Jon Wadelton – NUKE Product Manager
Emanuele Serra 3DArt with Jon Wadelton – NUKE Product Manager

Nuke 9

At the event, many news were announced, on the new NUKE 9 products, the highly anticipated NUKE STUDIO, but the great revolution that The Foundry launched was that of giving the possibility to have a free license for non-commercial use for the whole 2015, to students who are studying NUKE.

“The Foundry releases Nuke Studio Free for the non-commercial version for students”

Strategic move, from a commercial point of view, by creating and training artists and technicians, who use The Foundry platform, ready in the near future to work and therefore to purchase licenses, while the second positive thing in my opinion is the message that it launches. The Foundry, retaining artists, going close to the work of students, who for obvious reasons do not have the opportunity to invest money in software precisely because not producing income they cannot afford it, a winning policy for me, which gives a strong signal to companies competitors, often more focused on making income and business, instead of worrying about the end user.



The Foundry team has worked tirelessly to realize the huge performance improvements across the board, as well as adding new features and vastly expanding the range of formats and hardware, the new release is even faster and interactively with Nuke’s state-of-the-art toolkit for GPU acceleration by greatly reducing the computation time of the previous version of Nuke.


NUKE STUDIO is based on VFX nodes, it was designed for the management of editing material, for creatives who work independently, so the Collaboration Teams who work on various projects manage the entire work pipeline, in a way that previously was never possible.

Effects in GPU, can be added to the timeline, letting artists experiment quickly, achieving the high-end look they need.

A hub for total project control allows Nuke artists to share, and collaborate with annotations on pipeline versions.


NUKE STUDIO testimonial from The Foundry on Vimeo.

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