Teya Conceptor 4.0 Ready to download

Teya Conceptor is an amazing tool for 3D Artist, you shouldn’t miss it.
Teya Conceptor is the fourth version made and released by animator and developer Arseniy Korablev, this unique tool allows 3D and CG artists to create 3D geometry more quickly and intuitively than conventional sculpting packages.

Why use Teya Conceptor?

Teya’s user interface is built around the idea of creating a more intuitive way of using kitbash model brushes in 3d.

You can do similar things in other software, but with Teya Conceptor the process is simply faster. However, you can use Teya Conceptor alongside your usual schedules for greater efficiency. The program is quick to learn, the main tutorial takes less than 17 minutes:

Teya Conceptor, is a KitBashing 3D concept design software.

Teya Conceptor allows Concept Artists to set up 3D geometry quickly and creatively, users are able to sketch shapes by creating strokes in 3D space, using predefined brushes designed to handle organic or mechanical parts.

Arseniy Korablev has released 180 new free kitbash brushes for Teya Conceptor

How to export Teya Conceptor project?

Once the 3d concept is completed, the scene can be exported to other software such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender or ZBrush, in OBJ format. It is also possible to import OBJ files to use as the basis for custom brushes in Teya Conceptor’s scene.

Teya Conceptor 4 New Features:

  • Arseniy Korablev has released 180 new free kitbash brushes for Teya Conceptor mimicking real-world mechanical parts like wheels, struts, pistons and chain links.
  • More minimalistic UI
  • More convenient brush library (category groups)
  • Modifiers: subdivide, optimize, crease
  • Import of smoothing groups (+ hardsmooth modifier)
  • Drawing in-depth on the working (convenient, for example, for plants branches)
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Many other improvements (improved OBJ loader, background loading, etc.)

System requirements and supported platforms:

  •  Free trial or license of Teya Conceptor product downloaded from Gumroad (Teya is linked to it)
  • Windows or Mac OS. In the future Linux release is also possible. Android and other mobile versions are not in the plans.
  • Graphic tablet (like Wacom) is recommended because the workflow is based on drawing. Pen pressure support isn’t necessary.
  • OpenGL 3.0 or newer (almost every modern video card supports it). You can check your OpenGL version in Teya user/log_file.txt
  • CPU/RAM requirements depend on the brushes you will use. Try to use more low-poly objects inside brushes to avoid overloading the scene if FPS is too low.

Download the Teya Conceptor

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