Simple Subsurface Scattering in Nuke

This is an incredible Nuke Gizmo to use in your scene: Simple Subsurface Scattering lets you create a faux, heavily stylized, translucency/subsurface scattering look on your geometry inside of Nuke.

You can manage Subsurface Scattering and Translucency directly by managing the rendering in the 3D scene in Nuke.

You can download Subsurface Scattering / Translucency gizmo for Nuke 5.0+.
It takes a Camera and a Geo and or Scene node. Multiple options such as scatter depth, color, and diffusion.

Simply apply this node, input your model and a camera, and plus the output of the node over your normal scanline render.

Nuke Scanline Translucency/SSS Gizmo

Credits: Dragon Model by “UJWAL CHAUHAN” CCA
Cowboy Model by “amforma” CCA
Goblin by “Jade L” CCA

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