Hi 3DArtists, today we are sharing this incredible resource for Houdini, in this tutorial course we’ll learn how to create an incredible Snack spot in 3D, recreating the simulation of the chocolate and caramel liquid in the snack, tutorial shared by the Houdini Artist: Tim Van Helsdingen, FX artist/CG generalist based in The Netherlands.

Welcome to SESI-Snacks! In this 10 hour course, Tim’ll takes you through the entire production process of a typical commercial inside of Houdini. Let’s get snacking!

Get the complete project files and other episodes here:



EP02: Awesome Animatic

Before starting it is important to set up a project structure to work on. In this case we are using Tim’s folder structure for this course. The folder structure and HDA’s are included in the download. To learn more about how this works check out my video on those over here: Tutorial – VFX Folder Structure + Houdini Pipeline Tools

SESI-Snacks 03 – Crispy Cookie

With our animatic finished, let’s start splitting everything up into shots. Let’s first make some crispy cookies! We will make the cookie bar with the logo, and then fracture it. The fracturing will start from the center and we’ll animate it to blow outwards. We’ll also add some smaller floating cookie bits WHEEEE!

EP04: Delicious Carame

CARBS! Everybody loves caramel. Let’s learn how we can simulate some. We gonna make the strip of caramel to fold upon itself, so looking at some viscosity, getting it to look right without stepping. Try not to lick your screen.

EP05: Savory Chocolate

I’m drooling over here. Give me some of that sweet, sweet chocolate! So we will make the chocolate coating which will not only fall on top of the pile, but also fold and wrap around itself. Also going to be some prep work for shading later!

EP06: Crunchy Peanuts

Hopefully, you don’t have a peanut allergy, because we’re about to crack some peanuts! But who knew that spheres make crunchy peanut bits : ) We won’t only drop them from the sky, but also the land to make an impression. Yes, that kind.

EP07: 0% Sugar

This is one of the more complex shots, lots of interesting techniques in this one! Tidying up falling nuts, fracture the cookie bar open, subbing vellum instead of FLIP caramel … and basically everything before we head into rendering this.

You will find the link to download the complete project file for this SideFX Snacks video series below. This week, the videos will cover all the preparation work for all the shots we need to create and animate our candybar FX.

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