Sculpt in Cinema 4D like Z-Brush Tutorial

Hi 3DArtists, don’t miss this C4D quick tip by New Plastic, we’ll learn how to use the Volume Mesh option while sculpting – a tool that re-calculates your mesh while sculpting so you don’t have to worry about mesh topology as you sculpt. If you ever used Z-Brush, this is essentially like the Dynamesh tool.

How to recreate Dynamesh from Zbrush in Cinema 4D?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to sculpt in Cinema 4D, playing with the brush, allows you to change a model’s shape and then immediately recalculate an optimal topology for the new mesh, letting you change your model’s shape drastically, or reassemble it into different seamless configurations.

The video tutorial quick tips:

  • 00:38 The Problem with Sculpting
  • 01:18 Solving the Problem
  • 02:45 Automatic Retopology
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