Realistic Flamethrower in Blender

Let’s check this hot new Blender tutorial, in this tutorial we will be simulating a flamethrower and creating a realistic fire shader in 3D simulation. Blender recently added the new MantaFlow tool, a simulation system that manages smoke, fire, liquids, and gases.

How to create a realistic flamethrower effect using MantaFlow in Blender?

The new MantaFlow fluid system, which offers an easier system, with better results, replaces the existing fluid simulation systems in Blender.


Check out this new tutorial from Joel Adams from Iridesium, which shows us how you can create a realistic flamethrower effect in Blender with MantaFlow tool.

Tasks covered:

0:00 – Epic Intro
1:27 – Floor and Emitter
2:21 – Particle Settings
At 2:32 I change the Normal Velocity to 0. I accidentally cut that out of the video.
3:50 – Smoke Domain Settings
5:39 – Smoke Emitter Settings
6:49 – Smoke Viewport Display
8:22 – Fire Shader
11:02 – Render Setup



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