When the render goes beyond the third dimension!

We have reached a very advanced technological and technical level, the possibilities we have with the latest 3d software are unlimited. The photorealistic quality is within everyone’s reach, with a minimum investment of software and hardware we can achieve yields that until a few years ago were only possible in large production studios.

When it comes to a beautiful render, it is not enough just to develop the technical side of the scene, the materials, and the lighting. What really makes the difference, what makes a work unique, is knowing how to convey a feeling and create a story that excites the viewer.

The third dimension is no longer enough, we must go further, entering into the perception of the work and communicating it, moving the viewer and making him live in that virtual world that does not exist.

I share with you the yields of Tianyi Zhu who in my opinion have fully grasped this concept that I have defined, an excellent example of “3D Experential”



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