Polymesh to Volume – Short tutorial

Hi guys, one of my favourite things in Arnold Renderer is definitely Polymesh to Volume.
The abstract way to create composition and animation, is one of my favourite things.

Through 3D software we have the opportunity to reinterpret the world around us, most 3D artists study a lot to get an ultra-realistic scene. I think the next step will be to go further, using these tools differently, and Lee Griggs opened my mind using Polymesh objects rendered as volumes.
Lee Griggs is one of those artists to follow and study. Enjoy it!

I have always studied and researched, different techniques using 3d software, and Lee Griggs opened my mind!

Polymesh to Volume gives many creative opportunities for rendering solid objects in varied and interesting ways.

A short tutorial of Polymesh to Volume by Lee Griggs:

Download the simplified scene
that demonstrates this shading effect can be found:

Images by Lee Griggs.

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