Pixar’s Luca sea monster transformation effect tutorial

Hey 3D Artist, today we’ll go through Pixar’s Luca transformation effect tutorial, Luca lives unforgettable experiences with his new best friend Alberto. But they both have a secret: they are sea creatures from a world below the surface of the water, in this tutorial we’ll learn how to reproduce the transformation into a sea monster using MASH in Maya.

How to recreate Pixar’s sea monster transformation effect?

In this new tutorial by Lucas Ridley of the Digital Creator School we will learn how to recreate the basic skin transformation effect of the movie “Luca”. Ridley using Maya’s MASH toolset, to create the effect.

Maya 3D Animation Tutorial – Pixar’s Luca Monster Transformation Effect

MASH is a toolset in Maya that allows you to build motion graphics and visual effects procedural systems all within Maya easy to use.

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