Organizing your files in C4D

In this C4D Quick Tip by Jonas Pilz shows you how to save Cinema 4D projects in a way that includes all referenced files, such as image textures, videos, caches, XRefs and so on. This way you can send complex scenes to a render service, render farm or to colleagues.

How to manage the Texture link in C4D?

Saving and Sharing Tips for C4D

When we are working in a team on a project, we need to organize the folder files in order to share the project without problems.

Organizing your files in C4D

In this tutorial, you will learn how to save C4D project with all assets 0:42, collecting all shaders, image textures, videos, caches, XRefs, with external links in a dedicated folder. 

How to collect the files assets from C4D scene?

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