VFX Artists, we recommend the new Nuke master class course by Victor Perez, now available in Smart Learning live with Victor Perez “at your home”.

From 26 April to 29 July 2021
3 Months Course

  • 100 hours of certified lessons
  • 12 Weeks of Lessons
  • Lessons from Monday to Thursday
  • 2 hours of lessons per day
  • Evening time
  • From 18:30 to 20:30
  • 2 Weeks of Project
  • 4 Collective Reviews for Projects
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Why Online Masterclass?

The world is changing, and thanks to the latest developments for Smart Working and Distance Learning due to the Covid-19 emergency, everyone has become familiar with how to work and teach remotely.

Victor Perez has been teaching online since 2011 both individually (one-on-one) and entire classes. While it is true that nothing can replace physical contact between people, it is also true that remote modalities also have many advantages, such as: they allow you to attend the course without interrupting your daily life, without the need to be absent from work or from Education; allow you to save travel, board and lodging costs.

From a pedagogical point of view, teaching online allows Victor Perez to be able to extend the time of the training course by allowing the student to perform practical exercises of the acquired knowledge and build the Demo Reel a little at a time, under the direct supervision of the Master.

Furthermore, one of the most important values of this Master Class is that the teacher is a very active professional in the film industry. This aspect generally does not allow Victor Perez to take major work breaks to be able to devote himself to his passion for teaching, but with the Smart Learning tools and Foundry® Support it is now possible.

We don’t know when Victor Perez’s next Master Class will be, nor if it will be in Italian, Spanish or English, but the last time was more than two years ago in Rome and having the Master Class in Italian again is an opportunity that it won’t be repeated anytime soon. During the previous face-to-face Master Classes, the program was much shorter, even if it was almost double the hours: how can you explain? The classroom exercises take place in the presence of the Teacher, who most of the time is waiting for hours for the students to finish.

It is not very convenient, but exercises cannot be excluded because they are a cardinal point of teaching. This is also one of the reasons why one-on-one teaching (mentorship) achieves excellent results in less than the length of classroom time.

For this Victor Perez has designed this Master Class: a formula with which the student learns 2 hours a day in class with the Master and then performs the daily exercises at their own pace and time. The results of professional growth and knowledge gained after 3 months are impressive. 12 years of teaching experience in Distance Learning support him.

We are aware of the critical situation in which the whole world finds itself, so we have optimized costs so that Victor Perez can continue to carry out his work in parallel with the scheduled lessons and this has allowed us to lower the price of this Master Class to almost the half compared to the classroom program, and adding the advantage of saving travel, board and lodging expenses, this becomes an unmissable offer.

This course covers the A to Z of compositing. From the base to excellence.

When the world returns to normal again, all film productions will start at the same time, creating a bottleneck in the Visual Effects industry that will have to expand in order to meet the very high demand for qualified artists. When that moment happens, you will be ready to seize the opportunity.


Victor Perez

Victor Perez is a Spanish-born visual effects artist and director with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked in several Hollywood films such as Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, among many others. Internationally regarded as a visual effects guru, Victor Perez has worked with Academy Award® winning studios such as Double Negative, MPC, Cinesite and Pixar Animation Studios. He is also a regular Foundry® contributor on the development of NUKE ™, the compositing software par excellence and standard of the visual effects industry worldwide.

In 2019 he was recognized by the Academy of Italian Cinema with the David di Donatello® Award for his supervision of the Visual Effects of The Invisible Boy: Second Generation, by Oscar®-winning director Gabriele Salvatores. With this work, Victor Perez places Italy at the technological and artistic avant-garde in the international independent film scene. In the same year his short film Echo was recognized by the Visual Effects Society with a nomination for the VES Award®: for the first time in history a short film was nominated in this category, together with directors of the caliber of Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis.

A brilliant career that has always been combined with his pedagogical and popular passion. He has published articles and tools on Nukepedia, where he has been recognized for several consecutive years as one of the 3 most influential artists; and its bestselling FX Ph.D. studios and courses are well known by all artists and professionals in the industry. Every year he is invited to the main International Visual Effects Festivals, and finally compatibly with his commitments, he dedicates a portion of his time to train new generations of top-level artists, now well recognized by recruiters all over the world.

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